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Branding with the power to disrupt.

We believe it is important to stand for something meaningful, collaborating with ethical businesses to define their most compelling truths, to create deeper and richer brands, with integrity and purpose.

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Canco — Branding Agency | Ethical Branding

Be different, not better.

Often times being different, and not necessarily “better” can be an effective branding technique and business model.

If you want to open the next weatherspoons right next door to a 5-star restaurant that has won 2 Michelin stars, you don’t have to be better (and good luck trying). Be different. They serve £30 dishes, you serve £7 meal deals. Make yourself authentic and you can succeed.

Make your future bet, we have.

Have a hypothesis about where the world will be in 2, 5 or 10 years and place your bets on that vision. Solving a problem that exists today completely ignores the fact that your consumers are dynamic and always changing. Cultures, beliefs, and behaviors are evolving faster than ever.

We believe in a world where all citizens dedicate their buying decisions and lifestyle towards a better world. Where we are united as one to form a cleaner and diverse globe.

Create a movement, not a cause.

A cause is a feature. A cause is to plant more trees, end poverty or feed children.

Movements, on the other hand, invite you to imagine an alternative future. Causes promise immediate solutions (at best). Movements promise a tectonic shift.

Canco — Branding Agency | Ethical Branding

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A brand isn’t your website or tagline. It’s every decision and action you take, and the meaning that emerges from those activities.


With you every step of the way.

Canco — Branding Agency | Ethical Branding

Taylor Gathercole

Managing Director / Brand Strategist

Canco — Branding Agency | Ethical Branding

Chris Pettican

Creative Director

Canco — Branding Agency | Ethical Branding
Canco — Branding Agency | Ethical Branding
Canco — Branding Agency | Ethical Branding
Canco — Branding Agency | Ethical Branding
Canco — Branding Agency | Ethical Branding