Case Study: Eastside Youth

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Taylor Gathercole


Eastside Youth

Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, and Implementation

A number of factors had led to Eastside Youths relatively low levels of awareness. Local Councils had become their key audience for commissioning services, and the charity had forgotten to keep their brand in the public eye.

“Eastside Youth is a new youth work charity taking a fresh approach to providing support to the varied and diverse youth communities of East London.”

Our Approach

An empowered young person feels in control of their life.

Our brief

We began by exploring a written thought initially first put forward by the client – that they should ‘create active and empowered young people’. Slowly, across various workshops, a new central idea began to take hold. Rather than fight with their competitors over the default ‘why this child desperately needs your help’ territory, they should demonstrate the ‘how’.

In our visits and research trips, we kept returning to the observation that they were breaking cycles and re-routing lives, for the better. This inspired a new brand approach based on their approach.

Visual Identity

An active, and empowering feeling was required to elevate and inspire the young people who got involved with Eastside Youth. An inviting colour palette that brings together stability and energy. Purple is what brings this brand together, signifying ambition, energy, independence and magic.

“Canco helped us realign our brand, and as a result, we ended up with a 15% increase in young people coming forward and 25% increase in volunteers. We now have to get more funding to expand our space and resources to allow for more capacity.”

Scott Robb, Founder, Eastside Youth.