Case Study: Randys

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Taylor Gathercole



Brand strategy, Visual Identity, Collatoral

We conducted research on the markets, behaviours, and trends; allowing us to define Randys. From positioning to the brand core.

“Everything we do is ethical, our food is fresh and healthy, we stock and rotate seasonal craft beers and everything will be at the same market price as our competitors.”

Our Approach

A brand that makes sustainability fun and rewarding.

Our brief

Randy is an ethical pub in Shoreditch that helps citizens and charities who want to improve the odds of the planet by donating 100% of our profits to charity and sourcing ethically, unlike traditional pubs. This newly started eco-conscious non-profit has admirable ambitions for doing things differently and challenging the hospitality sector. It put us up the challenge to create a brand that matched their purpose.


A series of informal workshops helped us establish a brave purpose. Fun & Rewarding drinking and eating. No guilty-conscious. Simple charitable donations. Drinks and food, created by those who care. Randys believes in a world where every action you make has a positive and sustainable impact.

Visual Identity

We designed the visual identity to be as simple as possible; we wanted to make the act of being sustainable feel easy and approachable. The competition was either traditionally pub like or complicated, so we created something fun, rewarding, engaging and simple. We were faced with the challenge of trying to represent all the wonderful things Randys does, and we weren’t going to achieve this through the logo. So we created a logotype which kept it simple and developed an array of interchangeable patterns which visually shared the wonderful things Randys does and supports.

“These are my branding guys. Canco opened up my eyes to what was important about building a brand that would create a movement, they are fluent in brand building and I can not recommened them enough. Taylor was exceptional at leading the strategy and naming, while Chris and his team did a great job on the visual identity.”

Randy, Owner, Randys.