Case Study: The Better World Group

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Taylor Gathercole


The Better World Group

Research, Strategy, Identity & Implementation

We conducted extensive research, to unvail the trends of pubs, drinking and sustainability, to create a brand which its purpose lives for that inner good feeling.

“We don’t care about the money, we are planet first and profit after”

Our Approach

We asked the public if they wanted the worlds most ethical pub. The answer? Hell yeah.

Our brief

The Better World Group is an ambitious start-up creating the worlds most ethical pubs. The pub industry is fading, our job was to research, define and create a brand that would attract the attention of busy people everywhere and make you feel good.


We vetted The Better World Group numerous times, we spoke to lots of potential consumers, we read lots of insights and one idea that always came around which doing good, and good food & drink had in common; That inner good feeling. That feeling of feasting on a well-deserved mighty meaty, or finishing that ale you’ve worked hard for all day, or that feeling of doing something good for society and the world. The Better World Groups purpose is simple: For that inner good feeling.

The Better World Group fundamentally believes in purpose over profit, and planet of profit. It’s about drinking and eatings which is rewarding, for the planet. Every drink donates to a good cause.


The Better World Group sets out to be a sustainable chain of pubs, we consulted with The Better World Group to identify the architecture of the brand. We soon followed an approach which each pub would follow its own identity but following the ethos and expectations of The Better World Group brand. The pub’s identity would be geographically based, determining the name choice, and look and feel. The idea of, no matter which pub you go to, you know what to expect.

Visual Identity

Our creative team used the brand attributes to drive how the identity and experience would function, the attributes used: Positive, fun and open. The colours, which pop out of the screen are an exciting way to clearly make you feel positive and that pubs of The Better World Group are fun. The globe, represents openness, makes us feel like a big community coming together to have fun and do some seriously good stuff for our planet. It was always important that we kept the identity simple, because as we all know, a pub is about the experience. If sustainability was attractive, easy going and fun, this is what it feels and looks like.

Video by: Danyl Goodall

“These are my branding guys. Canco opened up my eyes to what was important about building a brand that would create a movement, they are fluent in brand building and I can not recommened them enough. Taylor was exceptional at leading the strategy and naming, while Chris and his team did a great job on the visual identity.”

Randy, Owner, Randys.