Clear imperatives for brands

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Taylor Gathercole


Things aren’t looking good for our planet at the moment. You don’t need me to tell you that 2018 saw record heatwaves and wildfires in the artic.

Businesses and brands have a big opportunity and role to play in the sustainable future, by just making it easier for consumers.

There is a clear desire to adopt sustainable behaviours, so brands need to consider how they deliver accessibility, affordability and convenience.

There is one issue though, The Behaviour Gap. What people say they do, and what they actually go on to do. 89% who say they recycle at home, only 52% actually always do.

Consider this stat: 89% of people think brands should do more to educate consumers on how sustainable their products are. Sustainability communications are hugely important to educating and providing information to consumers, so they can better understand the situation and how they can adopt a sustainable lifestyle, avoiding the behaviour gap.

Sustainable behaviours, which once seemed niche are now shifting towards the mainstream, so brands must support this transition, convincing people it’s worth their time and to understand why it should even matter to them.

The data presents clear imperatives for brands.

A purposeful brand will bring together those who care, while well-executed sustainability communications can inform and educate those to care about societal and environmental issues and change their habits.