Purpose matters more.

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Taylor Gathercole


The best brands aren’t cheaper or better. They’re different; more importantly, they are different in ways customers find compelling.

It all starts with purpose. No purpose? No compelling reason to engage in any particular business, which means there is no compelling reason for a customer to engage, purchase and use.

Ask yourself:

Why are we in business beyond money?
What is wrong with our/your world?
What can we offer our/your world?

Once you articulate your purpose, you can begin to attract strengths and opportunities from it, such as developing a clear vision, mission and goals and building a culture.

It all flows out and from purpose.

We all know that those brands we all love and admire, make us feel something, this all stems from them wanting to change something. Companies with a great sense of purpose are almost human-like.

These companies have a far greater reason to exist beyond simply making a profit.

Let’s matter more, and make a lasting impact on society today. Let’s enable everyone to overcome barriers by coming together. Let’s propel society towards a better tomorrow.

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