Surprisingly enough, brand can help.

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Taylor Gathercole


In a world where a large majority of us understand that we are consuming too much and its negative effects on the planet and society, I think it’s time we use that over-consuming behaviour as an advantage, while feeding our motivation of quality, status, attention, love (and all the other imagined/fabricated human needs), we also feed our gratification, what I mean is, while we purchase and use things that we want, we also feel good about doing it, because we know that by purchasing this item we’re helping defeat either a social or environmental issue.

This comes down to one simple fact: Brands influence how we think, feel and act. We should use this as a force for good, not a way to be greedy (let’s not forget you can still make a good profit from doing good, I’d argue more so)

Companies are coming to realise this but not quick enough, and though they are aware of it, some are avoiding it or at least delaying it until they don’t have to. Those who have the greatest influence, aren’t acting and if they are, it’s greenwashing, as a competitive advantage.

Until organisations, small and large truly believe in a sustainable future, we’ll keep seeing through it. But the positive thing is, it’s happening (slowly), people are learning more about the issues.