More responsible business
practices, for the mutual benefit
of people and our planet.

Canco is a sustainability and branding consultancy. We are a trusted voice, expert in bringing positive, sustainable change to society. Creating and amplifying brands that propel society towards a better tomorrow.

Sustainability Strategy

We create bespoke sustainability solutions that deliver a unique and powerful positioning. Our highly skilled sustainability team works directly with brands to develop strategies that is relevant to the environmental and social needs of tomorrow.

Sustainability Reporting

Helping companies communicate their social and environmental performance to their stakeholders, meeting Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) requirements and best practice standards.

Issue Management

We help our clients to devise and implement strategy on new issues and course-correct strategy on established issues. We know what resonates with stakeholders – internal as well as external – and what doesn’t, ensuring a positive brand reputation.

Sustainability Workshops

Our sustainability workshops help you understand how your company can become more sustainable whilst still meeting the needs of the business.

Sustainability Communications

We help organisations to build bespoke communications strategies that inform, educate, and encourage stakeholders (internal and external) to engage in a meaningful ways, while maintaining the essence of the organisations sustainability and CSR strategy.

Exciting Movements

SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals
SDGs - Sustainable Development Goals